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The street is one of California’s streets and the picture was taken in 1959. From the picture, it can be seen that the world was not so modernized by then due to the presence of olden type cars. The cars cannot be compared with today’s revolutionary types like Lamborghinis and Ferraris. This shows that the picture was taken some long time ago when not so many people owned cars because there is seemingly no traffic on the roads. No people can be seen walking on the streets because there seems to be rain that has wet the road. From what we see from the picture there is no evidence of tall buildings as most of the buildings are short indicating that it was a time when California was not so developed as opposed to now days. 

It was during this period that California rose to national prominence. California and other states had just emerged from World War II as a population, economic and military center. Most post war migrants and war time migrants from across the entire country mainly moved and settled in California because in California, the defense industry was expanding and therefore provided jobs for thousands of people. California had initially lured attracted many post war arrivals during the actual war itself when service men were brought to be stationed in Los Angeles. It was during this period that California became a focal point of culture and politics. Politically ambitious people like Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon were able to embark on political ascent that enabled them to get the lime light from the entire nation.

Holly wood and Disneyland which were California’s cultural exports made California be known in the national level prominently. For much of the second half of the twentieth century, cold war became a dominant influence that affected many aspects of the American society. It increased because there were varying values between the Americans and the soviets. While Americans wanted capitalism and democracy, the Soviet Union was for communism and authoritarianism. Contention between the soviets and the Americans became a global conflict because the two had just become the world’s super powers. The cold war was different from the other wars because it was mainly engaged with propaganda. The Vietnam and Korean wars are examples of military interventions that were made by America in the name of stopping the expansion of communism. However though, this did not have very long impacts on American cultural, political and economic aspects like the cold war head.

The second picture shows a group of people protesting against the Vietnam War in Berkeley in California in 1968. The picture shown shows both women and men protesting indicating that it was to the interests of both sexes. There are blacks as well as whites on the picture indicating that it was multi racial and that everyone wanted the Vietnam War to end. The flag of the United States of America shows that the protesters are acting not on their own sake but because they are loyal and love their country. The people of America had come out in large numbers to support the end of the war that’s why they are so many people. The people of America were against the idea war and they therefore came together to raise their concern and end the war if it were possible.

The American protested for several reasons like , they considered the war illegal since it violated the agreements that made in Indochina in 1954 as it acted against international law. The republic of South Vietnam had been created illegally and it was therefore not justifiable for the United States to fight for an illegal government that had been installed illegally by the US government. The protests were also because too many American soldiers were being killed and this impacted most families emotionally. Another reason was that there was manipulation of the draft where many rich children avoided the draft whereas many Afro-American boys were forcefully recruited into the military and sent to Indochina. This led to increase in civil rights movements which made people see that the civil rights movement was a common movement and finally the ordinary American citizens were trying to find out that the American government was lying about the war and many other governing aspects. The protests we see in the picture show people with one voice who have come together to press for the end to the Vietnam War.

As part of the thousands of Americans who opposed the involvement of the United States in the war in Vietnam, they protested because it had been revealed that president Lyndon Johnson had in the past misled the America people about the incident at the Gulf of Tonkin that lead to increased American involvement in Vietnam. There was an end to college deferments in 1969 which had excluded most students from the service and draft in Vietnam further contributed to the protest. There were also revelations that the United States military was sending troops into Cambodia and sending troops which resulted in increased number of American casualties and this angered many Africans.

The Vietnam War was very costly and the United States of America dearly paid. It did not affect only those who went to the battle but also affected people everywhere in the world. Fifty eight thousand Americans were killed and one hundred and fifty thousand wounded in the battle. It affected the Americans who did not go to war because they became emotionally weak. The Vietnamese war also led to development of narcotics abuse. Heroine became widely abused as by late 1970 most of the U.S service men were abusing heroine. Cheap drugs also penetrated into the US military leading to increase in drug importation to Australia. In general, the war had disastrous effects on the people e of America and that is why they decided to protest that the war might end. They were successful and luckily the war came to an end.

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