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It is with profound pleasure that I introduce engineering team that is involved in the electrification project at Woodlawn Avenue. The task that is ahead of us promises to be challenging although through cooperation, we are all going to succeed in our work.

On behalf of the entire editorial team, I would like to welcome you into the daunting task that is ahead of us and to assure you of my full commitment to the project as the head of technical editorial department. In order to facilitate proper communication between departments, I would like to urge you to be handing in all memos into my office on time for processing, editing and publication.

The technical editorial department will be releasing a weekly newsletter and each member of the engineering team will always have a column where he will be sharing information with all the other staffs, local community as well as seniors managers. To succeed in this activity, all that will be required of us is to be handing in typed manuscripts by Thursday evening at 6 pm, in both hard and soft copies, so that they can be edited and prepared for publication in the following week’s newsletter.

Since I, like the rest of the community here, am not familiar with technical engineering terms, I request that you always remember to  include appendices in your manuscripts where you will have explained engineering terminology, mathematical formulae their meanings, and implications. If possible, technical details can be left out of the written work. As an introduction, my supervisor has directed that we should relate with the local community as cordially as possible. I guess we need to use the newsletter to educate them on the progress of the electrification program. I suggest that the newsletter’s name be Kirkwood Engineering Weekly.

I will highly appreciate your cooperation.

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