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I wish to submit my application for the current Schneider Scholarship for the course of Supply Chain Management at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School. I am a Sales and Marketing Executive with an active interest in the pursuit of Supply Chain Management course at the above mentioned institution, having already tendered my application for the same.

At this early stage, I would like to share my professional objective and vision, on which all my past, present and future engagements are anchored. I desire to offer on-hand technical leadership in a highly developed company with a global reach and influence. Towards this objective, I believe that training at the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School would be a crucial first step. However, I am also aware of the financial challenges involved, and specifically my own personal inadequacies. Against these odds, I believe there are only the Schneider scholarship and my personal dedication to look upon.  

For a period adding up to five years, I have served in different business managerial positions in Ireland from which I developed significant working experience in supply chain management besides gathering sufficient expertise in commerce and industry. Some of the areas that I have managed include Sales and Marketing, Marketing Consultancy, and Marketing Coordination. Throughout my tour of professional duty, I have always preserved a keen interest of finally associating with a firm as highly profiled as Schneider Electric IT Logistics Ireland for a grounding experience in the dynamics of engineering-based business. I would wish to learn and demonstrate my leadership and management skills at any of the different market segments in which the company has maintained a solid presence for many years.

Besides, I believe that my sound academic and professional backgrounds in Information Technology (IT) would place me at a vantage position to further my experience in data networks, energy, industrial processes, and infrastructure. Currently I am amply acquainted in the fields of operating systems particularly Windows XP and Windows Vista. I have equally gained resourceful expertise in a wide range of internet technologies and applications such as Ms Word, Ms Excel, MS PowerPoint, Ms Access, Ms Paint, Ms FrontPage, Ms DOS, Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Internet Explorer, and Eclipse. Further, I have also lectured in IT for a period of one year at Leinster College in Ireland. My objective would also include the obtaining of practical experience in a wide range of technical areas on the company’s inventory.

 As global industrial concerns continue to focus in the area of energy management, conservation, and utilization, I believe Schneider Electric IT Logistics Ireland would provide the ideal advantage for my inaugural and lasting participation in the crucial energy agenda. I remain impressed by the company’s historical profile and its geographical presence in more than one hundred countries. As an individual with a demonstrated capacity to work, live, and learn in different parts of the globe, I believe the current Schneider Scholarship would be a beginning to a long journey that would allow me to explore the energy opportunities and challenges in different parts of the globe. In terms of personality, I am an affable individual, a team player, optimistic and with a dynamic capacity to work at different levels and in different environments.

My hobbies include travelling, watching soccer, listening to music, reading, and watching science fiction books and films respectively. I hold the opinion that my working experience, particularly at the management levels in marketing, sales, human resource, and hospitality would receive a major boost through the Supply Chain Management course at the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School. On this score, and with the other factors mentioned earlier, I believe that I would be the most appropriate candidate for the scholarship on offer, and it is my earnest hope that my application shall be reviewed in a positive light.

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