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A. Describe your future professional goals (minimum 200 words)
The first time I realized I wanted to become an entrepreneur was when I was a 15 year old teenager. Observation and further analysis of the way my parents worked helped me to understand it. I compared my father, who worked for a private enterprise and was a hired employee, and my mother, who was a self-employed owner of a company. Although her business was comparatively small, she had a number of advantages over my father. She used her own approach to the ventures she undertook and consulted nobody before making a decision, and what was the most important, she was her own boss, with no higher-standing authorities.
The prime goal I set for myself is launching my own company, independent from anybody. I have already experience of running a small business in cooperation with my older brother, who is a future IE University alumnus. I enjoy running my own business, and I aim for its further development in the future. My ultimate goal is to become a number one entrepreneur in the world.

One of my goals for applying to IE school is obtaining profound knowledge in business administration. I believe participating in the “Venture Lab”, offered by IE University, will allow me to enrich my experience of business communication as well as amplify by close interaction with skilled entrepreneurs and professors. Getting international is another goal I have. Studying at IE University would allow me to communicate with people from all over the world, who have diverse origins and belong to various ethnical groups. Becoming acquainted with people of different cultural backgrounds, who speak different languages, and who might have absolutely contradicting opinions about the same issues would allow me to get a better understanding of the global community. And this, in its turn, would enable me to be a more competitive entrepreneur in terms of international business.

Communication with different people in different languages brings on my next goal – perfect English and Spanish proficiency. Both languages have international status, among 6 other languages, and this will definitely become my advantage over the other entrepreneurs globally, as I will be able to personally handle communication with business partners from all over the world.
My last but not the least goal for now is becoming well integrated in the political community, which is inseparable from the global business. This long-term goal has a high priority since, upon its completion, I would have a lot of contacts with the politicians belonging to the world elite, who would be advising and supervising my actions and progress in the global market. Eventually this will turn into a unique selling proposition, and it will highlight my entrepreneur spirit of a fighter.

C. Activities and hobbies
We want to know what activities you take part in outside the classroom environment. Do you participate in any community work, or do you have any hobbies or work experience that are especially significant to you and which you hope to continue at the college or university level? (200-500 words)
I did not lose any time after finishing school and launched a company together with my brother. I came up with a unique decision to outsource the programming and work with experts from India, thus significantly saving on the fixed costs of our business. I went further and found business partners who also work with the companies providing online services for the cats and dogs’ owners. I believe that after my brother returns to working on our company and all the other issues will be solved, company would become a quickly-developing business, with a constant need for restructuring and spreading to more markets, especially worldwide. The current business significantly exceeds the first business my friend and I launched back in 2009, since now we are actually working for profit and our goals are defined more clearly and precisely. However, the first entrepreneurship experience was extremely important to me as I learned how to cooperate with a business partner, screen for the potential customers, and negotiate with entrepreneurs representing different age groups. The job placement experience allowed me to get acquainted with real-life business and marketing strategies, taught me how to introduce business plans to the more experienced entrepreneurs, and proved that self-confidence and naïveté are not the factors that determine the overall success of the business venture.

Public life, same as business, is inseparable from politics. Besides that, I feel that being an active participant in the political life would make the society, and youth in particular, benefit greatly. I prefer being an active participant in the political life to being a regular observer. I am an active participant of the “Junge Union” of CSU, and I take active part in organizing panel discussions for reducing the level of political inactivity among the youth. As a member of this organization, I also actively struggle for the intergenerational justice. Being a vice-chairman of the „Schüler Union Bayern“, a subdivision of Christian Social Union, I experienced working with 1100 people. My political activity made changes in the social life of Bavaria. Due to my active participation in the process of school reform, a few important amendments, significant to thousands of students in Bavaria, were made. I could not believe in my success once I learned my own suggestions were accepted and improved by the secretary of education. I had to reduce my involvement in the CSU and political life in general due to the finals I had to take before finishing school, but I will continue being an active participant in the social and political life.

Mountain-biking is another hobby of mine, which can be compared to entrepreneurship, since it includes going up and down the slope. One can fall down, but there is always an option to stand up and go on, and failing to make something from the first time reveals the weak points one needs to work on. Also, I am an active football player and a junior team (U-11) assistant coach. I believe my contribution to the development of the kids would help them to become great members of their community when they grow up.

E. What makes you different? (Minimum 250 words)
Use this space to highlight what makes you the best candidate for your preferred degree. This could be a written text, a drawing, a graphic or a photographic image, a poem, a collage, or anything else you consider appropriate. Anything other than text, please submit as an attached document. (250-500 words)
Standing out of the crowd is particularly important in the modern life, where the key to success is the ability to beat the competition. I started working from the young years and started a job placement company in cooperation with a friend of mine. I continue my business life by having created the second company, heading for the global market. I undertook the most challenging internship at Huff, Hong-Kong, where I learned to overcome the challenges. I always try to determine my own life position to the question under discussion, and also never forget about the social awareness.

I cannot predict the way my life would go further, but I would be always aware of millions of people growing up and facing the obstacles and challenges they have to overcome in order to move on. I would always stay an active member of the society, participating in the social projects and taking care of the others. I have the lifetime experience of living in Germany, and I would try to deliver the message of preparedness for the young people to stand on their position and fight for their own rights. I will do a 4-month long volunteer service at the retirement home in order to get a new unique experience. I will prove the point that people get their health as a present, and it should not be taken for granted.

The experience of being a chairman for the “Schüler Union Bayern” helped me develop my leadership skills, as I had to work with 1100 people and my primary task was organizing and leading them efficiently. At the same time, I strengthened my key communication skills and abilities by getting in touch with the top echelon of political elite and taking a course in public speaking. This resulted in making a public speech to 400 politicians. I raised my level of international awareness by living in different countries for some time, getting involved in the life of the local communities and understanding the issues these nations meet on their way of development. I especially enjoyed my Spanish experience, when I learned how friendly, courteous, sophisticated, familiar, and open-minded Spanish people are.

F. Which is your most interesting extracurricular experience and why? (work, educational, etc) (200 words)
I was a home-sitter dependent on my mother in all the aspects back in childhood. By the age of 15, I realized that my life needed crucial changes, and I made a decision to participate in the exchange program and live in Australia for some time. It was really a life-changing experience since I was left to myself; my family and friends were in the other part of the world, and I had to struggle and overcome myself in order to achieve the goal I set for myself.

I started participating in all the activities I could while in Australia and became a socially active person. I found help and support from my host family. Eventually I even celebrated Christmas with them. The culmination of my stay in Australia became a short trip around the country that I took all on my own, which became a challenge I have overcome and proved myself that I was good enough to act independently, relying on my own strength and knowledge. I proved myself that making the first step was extremely hard, but it always paid off with surplus once I reached the end goal. My Australian experience made me a person I am today.

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