The dollar, if earn today has more worth as compared with the time received after few years. Predominantly, there are a number of factors which influences a lot to fluctuate the exchange rates prevailing in a country. All of us are well cognizant with the fact that every organization has the main prospective in their mind, which is to earn surplus. Indeed the organizations worked a lot to titter with different things. Some times it succeeds, while sometimes staggered badly due to the futile decisions.

Among a number of eminent subjects, project management is one of them, which has a real influence on the world of finance (Bossaerts, P & Degaard, and B.A 2006). We are in the era of globalization, in wherein the effect on anything has an ultimate effect on the other thing as well. The other name of the project management is Project evaluation. One would certainly wonder that, what is project evaluation is all about? Project evaluation is the assessment to pick the best available project to increase the shareholder’s wealth of the organization. Generally, the companies evaluate the project with different evaluation tools. The companies have to prudently look in a comprehensive manner regarding the entire available project and then pick that order which will be more beneficial for the company.

The main prospective of this study is quite straightforward, we have to read a case study and with relevant to that case study, we have to answer some questions regarding that particular project which has been discussed in the case study.

Usually the objective of every project is to increase the wealth of the organization by mitigating irrelevant expenses. Specifically in this project, the company wanted to expand their business either in the USA or in the other territories as well. It is the company’s tradition to place beautiful birthday, marriage and Christmas cards before their customers. To make it more convenient for the people to buy the cards, the company is now planning to establish a high tech website for selling the product of the company online. From the establishment the main objective of the company will be easily achieved which is to make the sales within USA and outside USA as well.

Mentions below are the dominant deliverables of our company.

a)      Birthday Cards

b)      Marriage Cards

c)      Occasion Cards

d)     Christmas Cards

e)      Love Cards

f)       Independence Day Cards and many more.

Likewise the other companies, we have also planned to increase our overall efficiency of our company. Milestones achieved, when you become able to see a healthy bottom line n your financial statement. Our milestone is to increase our sales revenue up to a level of over million cards. Obviously, this would not be a piece of cake as we have to work so hard and required a large amount of flow in the coming months but the milestone will ultimately achieved with the passage of time.

Our business will grow according to that speed which we have mentioned in the figure.

Whenever a business is establish, two types of requirement are merely used, one is technical requirement and the other is the non technical requirement. Non technical requirements can be accomplished easily with the help of management decision, but the things like financial planning, budgeting, Information Technology, Printing Machine Maintenance is all technical requirements which we will envisage by us while accepting a project.

Funding for finance is the predominant limit which must be their while evaluating a project. The company is not so big so, we require a heavy amount of finance in order to finance our entire project along with its technicalities. The foremost project priority is to increase the sales up to a yardstick of millions cards and make them available in every corner of USA and outside of US as well.