In military groups much stress and hostility originates form members and not outsiders as one will think. As a result there is a lot of mistrust between team members and towards their leaders. Therefore there are many negative implications that result from this practice. Other times soldiers choose to go through the practice as a way of proving to the senior officials that they are stable and therefore can be trusted. Hazing which is intended to test the capabilities of the new soldiers might yield some fruits though most of the time this is not usually the case. Most people engage in hazing as a way of having fun or just for normal hazing. In case the hazing is brutal, it’s automatic that the outcome will be negative. Some of the common results that have been experienced in case of brutal hazing include dismantlement as well as desert.

The most tragic incidence that may occur as a result of hazing is incidents that are intended at killing the superior officer subjecting recruits to this practice. Hazing makes basic training that happens at the military force to be traumatic and these in turn fails to achieve the given purpose of bonding which is claimed for. For as much as the practice has been accepted for quite a long period of time its results are morally degrading and that is the reason its opponents what the whole practice to be abolished. It’s not morally upright to value a mere activity above life which is considered to be more precious and valuable. One of the main objectives of having military group is to ensure loyalty to each person despite the underlying situation therefore such a practice conflict with the objectives and goals for setting such groups (Egyesult and Congress 1990).

Men athletes are prone to hazing when compared to females. In fraternities and sororities the people who were likely to be hazed were those who are not members of the given group. Research that has been conducted revealed that hazing injuries are not always detected when one is taken to the medical center. Detection of hazing injuries is very essential for carrying out a law suit because such medical reports can be used as evidence to convict the victim. Most of the times victims fail to tell the physician the exact cause of their injury, this usually occur as a way of covering the culprit. There are a number of deaths that has resulted on the basis of hazing and this is the reason it’s important to determine if this action is morally acceptable (Wood and Nagarjuna, 1994).

Methodology. The methods that were employed in carrying out the research in order to collect the necessary data include use of literature review as the main source of data collection. Besides that interviews were carried out as well as questionnaires. Every form of method that is used in collecting data has its limitations as well as advantages. For instance literature review is bound to biasness in the information collected. The simplest way of reducing biasness is consultation of many books as well as journals. This enables one to collect information that looks at the matter from diverse angle.