There are many controversies surrounding hazing. Few people clearly understand social abuse which takes place in the name of hazing. Poor understanding has resulted from the fact that this practice is carried out with much secrecy by the fact that it’s illegal. Another hindrance to proper research as far as hazing is concerned is the fact that this practice has been greatly accepted in our community. Acceptance of the practice makes people blind to the inhumane activities or practices that happen in the name of orientation to a team or a group. For these reason researchers have failed to agree on the damages that result from such a practice.

The military and police forces use hazing as a method of testing recruits when faced with hostility and stress (Nicoletti, Spencer-Thomas and Bollinger 2009).

It’s important to understand some hard facts. For instance hazing puts an individual in a very difficult situation that is beyond their control. It’s seen as an easiest way to eliminate those considered to be weak. Failure to perform is not an acceptable term as far as hazing is concerned because life can be destroyed in case such a thing happens. If its true that hazing if a form of bonding but life should not be destroyed when one fails to perform as per the descriptions of the group because life is very important above all these activities.

A good example is the training that happens in the military referred to as SERE (survive, evade, resist, escape). Such a practice is employed to cage the capabilities of soldiers to evade interrogation. People who do not support such a practice emphasizes that it promotes stress because the people that one considers to be the good guys are usually very hostile (Lipkins, 2006).