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For students in the UK, a dissertation is often a reference to a significant research project of the capstone variety. However, these papers can also be a requirement to complete a degree course such as a Masters or PhD. On occasion, it is common for a dissertation for a PhD to be referred to as a thesis, but no matter the level, the objective does not alter. It requires a student to undertake their own research and write a scholarly paper based on their findings.

What Is a Dissertation?

A dissertation is a type of a lengthy research paper that the student completes as a finale to an advanced degree such as a postgraduate or undergraduate degree program. This paper typically is a way for the student to put forward their research findings in answer to a proposition or question of their own choosing. The goal of this project is to assess the student’s ability to conduct a piece of research independently while they are attending university. The ultimate evaluation is used in determining the student’s final marks.

Undoubtedly, a dissertation is the most complex, lengthiest, and most vital paper the majority of students will complete during their education. They could, of course, hire our expert writers and experienced British dissertation editors to help with their projects.

Different Types of Dissertation Writing

There are different types of dissertations and the question of how to write a dissertation will depend on the course the student is taking. A key difference in the type is whether your project will be of the empirical or non-empirical variety. For example, a dissertation of the empirical variety involves gathering data such as it happens for a degree in psychology. It can involve applying in practise ethical and professional considerations in gathering data from the public. In the life and natural sciences, an empirical-based dissertation may be wholly centred or at least involve some lab work.

On the other hand, a dissertation of the non-empirical variety involves using existing arguments and data from the work of other scholars. It usually means a lot of reading! If you are writing a dissertation of this type, you need to critically analyze existing work and examine how it is applied in practise rather than just describing it.

Skills You Need to Show

Regardless of the dissertation type you are writing or your topic, it is important you demonstrate these skills:

  • Ability to define and outline an area of research where the question is clear;
  • Ability to identify the main issues;
  • Ability to source suitable information;
  • Ability to evaluate the legitimacy and reliability of information;
  • Ability to evaluate evidence from all viewpoints;
  • Ability to arrive at a soundly-argued conclusion;
  • Knowledge of dissertation structure and the ability to organize and present the findings of your research work in an articulate, critical and convincing manner, adhering to the formatting guidelines you were given.

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Dissertation Overview

Completing any dissertation is time-consuming as well as complex and, perhaps unsurprisingly if you do not fully understand the dissertation meaning, you may encounter obstacles on the way to completing it successfully. A common mistake among students is over estimating their research resources and this often results in failure. If you feel you could use some dissertation help UK with your project, QualityEssays.co.uk is on hand to assist. We can always be counted on to provide help with dissertation writing or with anything that goes awry during the process. Our GB writing service is capable of helping you complete all or part of your dissertation. Our dissertation writing help can be customized to suit your particular needs.

A typical dissertation is arranged in a number of chapters as described below:

  • Title or cover page

The first page of a dissertation displays the paper’s title, writer’s name, their department or faculty, name of their institution, degree they are undertaking, and the date of submission. Occasionally, it may display the student’s ID number, name of their supervisor, and logo of their university. You will find that most courses or institutions have strict rules with regards to how the title page is formatted.

  • Signature or approval page

This page is used by the members of a dissertation committee, head of the relevant department and other officials to sign their approval of the student’s dissertation.

  • Copyright section

If this is needed, the page dedicated to copyright is presented unnumbered at the start of the paper. The Copyright text is centred vertically and horizontally in this format: Copyright (the year the degree was conferred) (student’s name as shown on the title or cover page).

  • Paper’s abstract

A brief summary of the dissertation, this section is generally around 150 words to 300 words. It should be written last when the dissertation is complete. In this section, you need to ensure that you:

  1. State clearly what the main topic is and determine the objectives of the research;
  2. Provide description of the research methods used;
  3. Sum up the key findings;
  4. State the conclusions reached.
  • Dedication

The idea of a dedication in a dissertation is optional and should be no more than a few sentences or a paragraph. Writers sometimes use this to recognize an individual or individuals who inspired them or who helped them write their dissertation.

  • Table of contents

This section is used to list every chapter and subheading in the paper together with their applicable page number.

  • Figures and tables

Any figures and/or tables used in a dissertation should be displayed in this list with relevant numbers. This can be generated automatically using Ms Word’s “Insert Caption” tool.

  • Abbreviations list

Any abbreviations used in a dissertation need to be listed in alphabetical order to enable readers to easily check what they mean

  • Introductory chapter

The introductory chapter sets out the topic of the paper, its purpose and its relevance. It lets readers know what will come in the remainder of the paper. An introduction chapter should:

  • Set out the topic and provide any background information that is necessary to put context to the work
  • Outline the scope of the work and narrow its focus down
  • Describe any research that already exists on the chosen topic and demonstrate how the work is relevant to a wider debate or problem
  • State clearly the research problem or question and its aims
  • Provide a general overview of the structure of the dissertation

The dissertation’s introduction needs to be engaging, relevant to the project, and clear. Whey they finish reading it, readers should have a clear understanding of the how, why and what as these relate to the research.

  • Hypothesis

The hypothesis chapter in a dissertation is essentially the paper’s prediction statement. It is founded on whatever theory the student is researching. It is common for doctoral degree students to test a hypothesis in a dissertation. This is an original research paper that is written and adequately defended if the student is to successfully graduate.
Literature review: The chapter devoted to reviewing literature should set out a coherent argument and structure that shows a clear justification or basis for this new research. It should not merely sum up existing work. Its aim, for example, should demonstrate how this research:

  • Addresses any gaps in existing literature
  • Approaches the topic in a fresh methodological and/or theoretical way
  • Offers a viable solution to a problem that is yet unresolved
  • Advance a debate on a theory
  • Strengthen and add to what is already known by providing new information and data

Very often, literature reviews become the foundation of a theoretical framework which the writer uses to analyze and define the main concepts, models and theories that go into building up their research. This chapter can be used to address descriptive questions concerning the relationships that exist between the variables.

  • Methodology

This chapter describes how the research was conducted to enable readers to decide how valid it is. A methodology chapter should include:

  • How the project was approached and what type of research was undertaken (for example, was it quantitative, qualitative, ethnographic, or based on experiment).
  • The methods used for gathering data (for example, did you use surveys, interviews or rely on archived data?)
  • When and where was the research conducted and who participated.
  • The methods used for the analysis of any collected data (for example, discourse or statistical methods).
  • Materials and tools used (for example, laboratory equipment/computer software, etc.).
  • Description of any difficulties or obstacles encountered during the research process and how these were overcome.
  • Your justification or evaluation of the methods used.

A methodology chapter serves the purpose of accurately reporting what was done and to convince readers that the approach chosen was the best one to answer the research objectives or question(s).

  • Research presentation

This section is used for reporting research results. Its structure can be based on themes, hypotheses and/or sub-questions. In certain disciplines, a strict separation is required between the results and discussion sections and in other disciplines these two chapters are merged.

  • Discussion

This chapter is used to delve deep into the results in order to discuss their importance, relevance and meaning. The discussion should be focused on evaluating and explaining what was found and demonstrating how this relates to the research question and review of literature. It is also used to underline the writer’s argument to support their conclusion. The chapter can be written in a number of different ways but it can help to focus a discussion on four primary elements:

  • Interpretation of results: what is the meaning of the results?
  • Implication of the results: are the results important and why?
  • Limitations: what do the results not tell or show?
  • Recommendations: are any actions or further studies needed?

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  • Concluding section

The conclusion chapter in a dissertation should answer the central research problem or question in a concise manner so that readers clearly understand the writer’s main argument. It should also emphasize the contribution made by this research. It is important to use this chapter to give readers a distinct impression of the importance of your work. Have you added anything to existing knowledge – what?

  • Bibliography/Reference lists

This section should include details of every source that has been cited in your paper. It is essential to adhere to a consistent citation style. Every style has specific requirements that must be strictly followed for the formatting of sources in a bibliography or reference list. Some of the most common citation styles are APA, MLA, and Harvard, but individual programs will very often have a specific style for its students to use.

  • Appendices

May include various documents used for research purposes such as consent and survey forms, questionnaires, etc. The main body of a dissertation should only contain information that contributes in a direct way to addressing the research problem or question. Any document that has been used such as those mentioned earlier that are not a good fit in the main body should be added at the end as an appendix.

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