Our company considers being transparent in the processes of collecting and processing personal information of our clients as one of its key priorities. According to our policies, before placing their orders, our customers can learn how and when we use cookies, as well as the purpose of their using.

The Meaning of the Term “Cookie”

The small-size files and brief text files that are sent to the clients’ computers or mobile devices are usually called “cookies.” These files are original to any account of the browser. Being session-based, they work only when the customer’s browser is on and are usually deleted automatically when the customer turns the browser off. Pay attention that persistent cookies are usually left in the computer until the browser or the client delete them manually.

How Are Cookies Used?

Some types of cookies are associated with the personal information of the clients, which enables us to remember the details such as login and password, as well as to know what type of services does the particular client usually order. The other types are linked to the personal accounts, serving as the unique instrument enabling our agency to conduct analytics for further customization of services.
Cookies are used to recognize the client when he or she visits our writing website or applies for our services. By taking the preferences of our customers into consideration, we provide them with a personalized experience, which depends on the settings they utilize. As such, the use of cookies makes our cooperation with the customers faster and more secure.

Why Apply Cookies for Advertising Purposes?

As well as any other type of technology, including pixels, beacons, and tags, cookies are the essential tools in marketing. They enable our company to conduct aggregated research, proper auditing, reporting, and, of course, relevant statistics.

What Can Be Suggested If the Customer Is Not Willing to Use Cookies?

If you do not want to use cookies, you can avoid them as almost all of the browsers allow their users to control cookies in a way that suits their interests. Some browsers even enable their users to manage their cookies preferences for every particular website.
The instruction on how to manage the cookies for different browsers is as follows:

Internet Explorer


Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox


Android Browser

If you use another browser, we recommended you to consult the settings provided by its manufacturers.

Also, the users are free to refuse from the third party cookies suggested by Google Analytics on its website.

In addition, they can use the interest-based targeting, which can be retrieved with the help of participating ad servers by means of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA). What is more, on the iPads, iPhones, or Androids, the clients can change their device settings in order to be able to monitor whether they can see online interest-based advertisements.

Keep in mind that when the user decides to limit the websites’ or the applications’ capability to implement the cookies, he or she can experience worsening their overall impression and/or fail to access the services needed, as the latter will not be personalized anymore. Besides, it can prevent customers from saving various customized settings, such as login data.

Learn the Important Information on the Cookies Policy Utilized by Our Agency

Security & Privacy

Our service uses cookies in order to support our multiple security features, as well as to assist us in detecting fraudulent or malicious activities.


When the clients are signed into our website, cookies help us show them the info needed and personalize their search.


Our company uses cookies since they assist us in delivering various marketing campaigns and keeping the track of their performance. For instance, we can notice that within the scope of the particular marketing company, the particular client has visited our website and placed an order.

Services, Preferences, and Features

Cookies inform us which language our customers prefer, as well as let us understand what their communication preferences are. Furthermore, they provide our customers with sophisticated features, customized content, and insights.

Performance, Research, and Analytics

Cookies help us learn how convenient our website is for our users. We also apply cookies to understand, research, and improve, different products, features, and services including the logs record creation whenever the customer access our website from various devices, including their PC, laptops, mobile devices etc.