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Consider for a moment that you have been asked to complete a book report assignment and it is due in the coming week. Perhaps that prospect does not seem too bad. However, what might happen if you really are not able to get properly into the said book and ultimately discover you have no idea how to write a book report? Or maybe you cannot even find time to start reading it? You could always, of course, read a summary of that book from some online source or purchase an abridged or shortened version. However, the fact remains that most vigilant professors will easily spot your shortcut. They have a way of knowing when their students actually connect with certain reading material and when they have not. In addition, certainly, they will be able to tell if one of their students has not even attempted to read an assigned book. works individually with all types of students to help them develop better writing skills. We do this by way of online courses with the aim of helping them feel more comfortable about writing a book report without fear or dread!

What Is a Book Report: Useful Information

Book reports are a type of essay that discuss a book’s content. They are often written as class assignments and are especially popular in elementary schools. Book reports differ from book reviews. For example, book reports have a fuller outline while reviews focus on the book’s topic. It is commonplace for students to be given lists of books by their teachers and asked to select one book from there as the basis for writing a report. Sometimes, however, the student has the option to choose their own book. It may be that the list provided by a teacher is grouped by a certain author or the teacher reads several works aloud with their students. From these methods, each individual student may choose one book for their report, or books may be decided on by way of a group selection effort.

In the case of a fictional work, a book report’s content would generally include:

  • some standard bibliography information
  • summarization of the book’s setting and narrative
  • key elements of the storylines of the main characters
  • the purpose of the author for writing the book
  • the opinion of the student on the work
  • the statement on the overall theme wherein the student sums up the book’s central idea as deduced from reading the work.

How to Write the Perfect College Book Report Outline

Do you have a book report to write and want to make it exceptional? Are you revved up and eager to begin? Great! Now all that is required is for you to understand how to create a paper that will leave your class instructor with no option but to give you an ‘A’ grade. Fortunately, your Internet search for an online report writing service has just taken you to the best UK website for providing the help you need.

At, we know how tempting it is to just skim over one of the many book summaries to be found online. If it is the case you are accustomed to doing online searches, you are even likely to find full reports on the book you are attempting to report on. Nonetheless, nothing can substitute for actually sitting down and reading the words of the author. This adds greater depth to the reader’s knowledge, perception and ultimate analysis of the book and this is usually apparent in the resulting school or college book report.

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Outline Structure

The process of writing a book report can be simplified if you create and adhere to a writing plan or outline. The resulting report will have a structure that is logical, it will show consistency, and it will clearly express your thoughts and ideas. If you do not want to spend a lot of time trying to get book report examples online, you could try creating your book report around these five essential elements:

Introduction Section

This part contains the book’s title, the name of the book’s author, and the central idea or theme of the book’s storyline. Include the book’s genre, the date of publication, how many pages, and key information about the publisher. Where applicable, mention any important awards the book has been a winner of and/or if it has broken any records in terms of the number of copies sold.

Summarize the Assigned Book
Summarizing the book means providing a broad or general overview of its story. Describe the central characters, setting, general plot and the time period in which it is based. You should additionally describe the tone or atmosphere in which the book’s story is set as well as the viewpoint of the story’s narrative.

Details about the Book’s Characters
Tell readers who the central characters are and describe any significant conflicts between these characters. Say whether the main characters are attempting to resolve any specific problem. You may need an additional paragraph to provide a description of the book’s more minor or secondary characters, especially if they play any crucial or significant part in the overall storyline.

Section with Details of the Plot
Here, you should describe the book’s plot. This description should be fairly general without the necessity for too much detail. Relay the overall plot or storyline to include any major twists and turns it might contain. Include any details that move the story forward. Consider this section as the high points of some match or game. Focus on important elements with no need for minute detail. Make sure you describe the manner in which the storyline or plot gathers pace, if any conflicts occur and how these are ultimately resolved. Tell readers how the story ends.

This part of your report should also make reference to any plot or storytelling devices you noticed and whether the author used any particular literary themes. Use your critique skills to offer a theoretical perspective.

Your Evaluation of the Book and Final Conclusion
This last section is your opportunity to put forward your very own opinions and observations. So, let readers benefit from your unique perspective and critique of the work. What were the book’s strong and weak points? Was it easy or difficult for you to remain interested in this book. By reading this book, what have you learned? Focus particularly on if or how you were affected in an emotional sense.

Draw on specific events or quotes to give credibility to your thoughts and opinions. Lastly, write a brief paragraph setting out your true thoughts on the work and let readers know if and why you recommend (or not) they read this book.

Revise Your Report and Edit It
Upon completion, you should thoroughly revise your book report. This involves clarifying any statements that might appear ambiguous and ensuring every quote is correct. Ask someone else to read your report and give you feedback for added thoroughness. Proofread and edit your words, looking for ways to improve the overall style and quality. The final step involves formatting your report in accordance with the guidelines provided by your course instructor. Teachers usually have a set template with specific rules for formatting a report’s title page, headers and footers, writer information, and so on. Once everything is finalized, submit your report.

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