Progressive Delivery of Orders

One important additional service that our UK writing company offers is progressive delivery of orders. This service is designed to help customers manage larger papers of 20 pages or more (that is 20-page texts in double spacing or 10-page texts in single spacing) more effectively.

The benefits of this for customers are:

  • Makes it easier for each customer to manage and monitor the process of completing a paper.
  • With this method, drafts in the form of sections or chapters of a paper are sent prior to the deadline for the approval of the customer.

  • Revisions may be requested free-of-charge for a 30-day period after delivery.
  • Compare this to a standard paper where revisions are only offered for up to 2 days after delivery.

  • All writing activities and communications are carefully monitored buy a personal account manager.
  • Papers are worked on only by highly skilled writers in Great Britain, research experts and experienced editors, all of whom always strive to deliver texts that are completely original.

This is how drafts are delivered:*

  • Where an order is due within a 4-day period or less, we will send a draft of that paper when 50% of the agreed deadline is reached. For example, if you have set a 2-day deadline, we will send you a draft equal to 25% of the length of your paper when 1 day of the 2-day deadline is reached. Therefore, if you order a 20-page paper with a 2-day deadline, you will receive a 5-page draft when 1 day of that deadline expires.
  • Where order is due within a 5 to 11-day timeframe, we will send two drafts of that paper – the first draft when 25% of that paper’s deadline is reached and the second when 50% is reached. At these times, you will receive 25% of the total length of your paper and 50% respectively.
  • Where an order is due within a 12-day timeframe, we will send you three drafts of that paper – the first when 25% of that order’s deadline is reached, the second when 50% of the deadline is reached and the third when the 75% mark is reached. At these times, you will receive 25% of your completed work, 50%, and 75% respectively.

This service costs an extra 15%, which you should add to the overall cost of your order.

*Please remember that, if the customer would like to receive their paper(s) by different methods, our GB writing service will always try to accommodate their requirements, wishes and instructions. If the necessity arises, our account managers will try to devise a unique delivery plan that takes account of your specific needs.

Special Accommodation for Shorter Orders (Those Not Exceeding 20 Pages)

One-Page Summaries

Another additional service we offer is one-page summaries. When this option is requested, the customer receives their entire work summed up on a single page. These summaries allow the customer to quickly see and understand the main points of a paper created by our UK writers. We recommend these summaries for customers who are required to create reports on their selected topic.

How Drafts are Provided

When a customer requests a one-page draft, they will receive one page of text comprised of either 300 or 600 words of double or single-spaced text respectively once 50% of the agreed deadline has expired. Therefore, as an example, where an order has a 2-day deadline, we will send your 1-page draft when 1 day of that deadline is reached.

Extended Time for Requesting Revisions

Our writing service, which is based in the United Kingdom, offers free revisions. Our standard time for accepting revision requests is up to 48 hours after order delivery. This timeframe can be extended to a 14-day period if you choose the Extended Revision option on our company’s order form.